GeneralScan GST52

P3S mobile computer integrates all the business functions required for work into a device similar in size to a mobile phone. It boosts work efficiency and become an excellent durable mobile data terminal for staff. The high performance image engine which can read 1D/2D barcodes and accurately identify data without error. High speed decoding and precision reading that empower workforce productivity to new heights for workers. The mobile computer makes workers to maximize productivity and minimize workflow time thanks to the Android operating system. It has strong computing power, which makes work smarter and faster. 4020mAh battery capacity is super large enough to meet the needs for uninterrupted work. This high-performance batteries allow staff to work more freely and improve efficiency. It has enterprise-class durability which can withstand multiple 1.5-meter drops to the concrete floor. This greatly guarantees reliable scanning performance even in extreme user environments. P3S mobile computer offers effective solutions for varied fields, including Transportation and Logistics, Warehouse Management, Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality.

Enterprise data terminal, more advanced features:

• Ergonomic design fits easily in the hand

• Rugged body material, enterprise-class sturdy and durable

• Advanced scanning engine, excellent scanning performance

• Equipped with octa-core chipset for faster and smoothly running

• IP65 professional level, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof

• Easy to slip into pocket and provide ultimate user experience


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